July News and Prayer Requests

A few posts ago, we shared our prayer requests for the 2022 academic year. Today, we’d like to share a few prayer requests especially for the month of July. Would you please pray with us and for us?

1. Summer Commencement Worship Service

On July 8 (Fri), we’ll hold the Summer Commencement Worship Service in the TCU chapel. Nine students will leave our nest for the various places where they’ll work and serve. We’d like to thank all of you who encouraged them along the way for your support.

Please pray for God’s protection to be upon them as they begin this new stage in their lives.

Graduating students tossing mortar boards in the air

2. Summer Mission Trips and Other Activities

From July 9–18, many of our students – together with a number of faculty and staff – will be participating in summer mission trips here in Japan. We’ll send 60 students to 10 churches in Chiba and Ibaraki Prefectures. Teams will need to be extra cautious to prevent the spread of COVID as they carry out their activities. Some of these and other students will also serve at Christian youth camps, and some will participate in internships and service projects at local churches and other organizations.

Please pray for the protection of each student as they participate in these and other summer programs.

3. Open Campus

On July 23 (also August 20), we’ll hold an Open Campus event (read more about the July 23rd Open Campus). In addition to group tours, “trial classes,” etc., we’ll also hold guidance and consultation sessions for individual participants.

Please pray for God’s guidance and direction in the participants’ lives.

Thank you for praying for the TCU community!

Would you like to read a Japanese version of this post? You can find it here: 今月の近況・祈りの課題等