Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees (2024-2025 academic year) ( Yen)

Item 1st-year Students Transfer Students Notes
2nd-year Students 3rd-year Students
Tuition 694,200 694,200
Facilities 261,600 261,600
Dormitory 293,100 293,100 Including utilities (except electricity) and maintenance. The dormitory room is for ten months per year. Additional payment will be required if one stays in the dormitory longer.
Dorm Electricity 12,000 12,000 Adjustments based on actual costs will be made.
Board 285,000 285,000 Including three meals a day on weekdays (except holidays) during trimester periods.
Insurance and Other fees 74,600 65,600 56,600
Total 1,620,500 1,611,500 1,602,500
  • This chart lists all prices in Japanese yen. Current exchange rates between yen and other currencies are widely available on the internet.
  • The tuition and fees are subject to change each year. Board may be revised in the middle of the year depending on price change
  • The chart is for the singles’ dormitory. Married students should inquire about fees for the family dormitory.
  • Japanese National Health Insurance , which is required for all residents in Japan, is not included in these fees. The premium for National Health Insurance is based on the individual’s income. Students without any personal income may expect to pay around ¥20,000 per year to the Japanese government.
  • Alumni society fee (2,000 yen per year) will be collected when you graduate.