End of the Semester at TCU!- TCUでの期末!

You may ask, how do TCU students spend their time at the end of the semester? While I can honestly reply, “studying and writing papers,” we are also well-rounded students, and therefore take some time to play sports!


Yes, of all seasons now is the time for the volleyball, basketball, and futsal tournaments. The volleyball tournament is sponsored by Sugitani Noyuri sensei and we call it the “Noyuri Cup.” This year four teams came out to contest; the Nakayoshi (means “good friends”) team, the Sayuri team, the Dokyun-san team, and the Senior team. The first place winner was the Sayuri team. Noyuri sensei also gave two MVP prizes, one to Yoshimura Eliya-san, and the other to Hamaoka Minori-san.


The basketball tournament was last Thursday. Kurasawa sensei sponsors this so it is called the “Kurasawa Cup.” Kurosawa sensei has sponsored this tournament for over ten years, but this was the last year. Basketball also had four teams labeled from A to D. Team D won the tournament and Kurosawa sensei gave the MVP award to Yoshimura Eliya-san (who also won the volleyball MVP award) and Nakabayashi Taeco-san. Lots of12596049_906842142744323_983291042_n students came also just to watch the game, so it was very lively and fun! Next year it will become the “Mori Akira Cup” because Morita sensei will take over.


The last tournament was the “Inagaki Cup,” sponsored by Inagaki Hisakazu sensei. There were four teams and Yoshimochi-san’s team won. Ma12767774_1678944275719661_493155583_nny spectators came and watched from the second floor behind a safety net. So with Friday evenings Inagaki Cup this year’s sports tournaments came to an end.


We all enjoyed this break from our studies which gave us a chance to exercise a bit while laughing, cheering, and playing with friends. Now that the games are over, we are back to our studies! We look forward to next year’s tournaments. We’ll miss you all, seniors!


Theology major Sophomore, Ann Taylor