Dormitory Life

In principle, all TCU students must live in the school’s dormitories. The dormitories are managed by the Student Affairs Department and by the students themselves on the basis of the “Tokyo Christian University Dormitory Bylaws.” Preparation for effective Christian living is not limited to the classroom but extends to learning how to live with your neighbor. Therefore, students are expected to live in harmony as members of the universal church regardless of their individual denominations.

Women’s & Men’s Dormitories

TCU runs four dormitories: The Men’s Dorm, the Women’s Dorm, the Zion Dorm, and the Family Dorm. The Men’s and Woman’s Dorms are three story buildings with a capacity of approximately 100 students each. Each dorm room accommodates two students and is equipped with individual study desks and chairs, bunk-beds, individual chest-of-drawers, and book shelves. All rooms are air-conditioned.

In each dorm, there are two kitchen facilities with a microwave, small oven, rice cooker, refrigerator, and cooking utensils. Most rooms have Internet access, and students can access the Internet with their own computers in the study rooms. The electricity in the Tokyo area, including TCU, is 100 volts, 50 cycle. Each dorm has a lounge and bathing facilities (both shower and Japanese style “ofuro”), and each of the three floors in both dormitories has prayer rooms, bathrooms, and a laundry room equipped with washing machines and dryers.


The Zion Dormitory

The Zion Dorm is TCU’s newest dorm, having been dedicated in 2004. It has space for 32 students. The Zion Dorm is based on the “suite.” Each suite has facilities for four persons. Each person has a private bedroom/study room. The four individual rooms are connected to a common “living room,” laundry facilities, bathing facilities, shower, and a kitchenette. Internet and TV links are available in each suite.

The Zion Dorm has three floors. Each floor has its own separate entrance from the outside. As the ratio of men and women shifts, the university will decide each year which floor(s) to assign to women and which to men.

Family Dormitory

The university also runs a Family Dorm. The apartments in the family dorm come in three sizes, each with a different rental fee. The tuition is the same for all TCU students, whether living in one of the “single’s” dorms or in the family dorm. However the fees for room and board and certain utilities are quite different. Please note that the family dorm is not furnished, and residents are expected to provide own furniture at their expense. For more details, please consult with the EAI office.

Short-term Program


Short-term Program


Field Trips