The East Asia Institute at Tokyo Christian University

Come join us next fall!!


The East Asia Institute at Tokyo Christian University is a one-semester program that offers you the opportunity to

  • Study about Japan and the Far East while experiencing it!
  • Learn and speak Japanese every day both on and off-campus!
  • Experience dorm life with Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and other international students from around the world!
  • Worship and serve in local Japanese, Korean-speaking, Chinese-speaking, and/or English-speaking churches!
  • Join in field trips that make your classroom studies come alive!
  • Live and study in Japan at a fraction of the cost of comparable programs!!

2021 Fall Program: August 24th – December 3

Thank you for your interest in EAI!
Due to a large number of applicants again this year, we have reached our capacity for the 2021 Fall Program.
Please contact eai@tci.ac.jp to let us know if you have any questions about the 2022 Fall Program.

Visit here for information about our four-year program.

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