TCU New Student Interview 2022 (Vol. 1)

Meet M.K., a Japanese freshman in TCU’s Department of Theology. He entered the Japanese-language track in April 2022.

If you’re already studying Japanese, see how much you can catch before looking at the translation below. (I’ve added timestamps to help you follow along if you look at the translation.)

But even if you’re just starting out in Japanese, or even if you haven’t studied it a day in your life, enjoy listening along! (It’s only a 5-minute video.)

0:23 My name is M.K. I’m a first-year student in the Theological Studies Department.

Why TCU?

0:28 I found out about TCU a few months before I took the entrance exam.
0:37 I discussed it with my pastor and my parents. TCU was my second choice. At first, I was planning to go to another university, but because of the pandemic and some financial issues, I decided to study theology at TCU.
0:56 I heard a lot of good things about TCU from pastors I know, and I decided I’d like to go to TCU.

How was your spring term?

1:09 I grew up in a Christian home and Christian school . . . Studying theology in a completely new environment has been fresh and fun.
1:26 The assignments were tough, though.

What was your most interesting class this spring term?

1:29 My most interesting class in the spring term was English. It was a Great Books class.
1:36 We read a book together and discussed it in English. [Note: The book was Brothers Karamazov, by Fyodor Dostoevsky.]
1:45 I usually don’t read books at all, so I discovered how interesting books can be.

What was your impression of TCU before you came compared to what it’s really like?

1:52 I was expecting to speak a lot of English with international students.
2:00 Well, it depends on what you do. You can choose your own classes, and you expect to be able to relate to other people, but in the end, you have to challenge yourself to some extent. But I am speaking a lot of English.

What were you doing before coming to TCU?

2:21 I was studying at an international school with a mix of Christians and non-Christians. It was a private Christian school starting with kindergarten.
2:35 I started out in that kindergarten, and I continued there throughout elementary and middle school. During my first year of high school, I studied abroad in the Philippines for a year. I went there to learn English.

Could you tell us a little about your studies so far, and your plans going forward?

2:49 Growing up, English has always been a part of my life.
2:56 When I started thinking about studying as much as I could in English, I found out about TCU’s double degree program.
3:06 I was studying for the TOEFL exam and other things.
3:10 Uhm, recently I went to take the TOEFL exam.
3:13 Let’s just say it was borderline.
3:20 It might be tough, but if God says “go,” I’ll go. I’m looking forward to it.

What has changed for you since coming to TCU?

3:30 Hmm… I wonder.
3:32 It’s only been three months. Oh, maybe the way I interact with my non-Christian friends.
3:43 I have more confidence to relate to them as a Christian. I’ve come to have confidence in myself as a Christian.

What are your plans after graduation?

3:53 [To be a] missionary, or an evangelist.
3:57 I’d like to save people through the testimony and experiences God has given me.
4:09 I’d like to share the gospel.

What would you say to someone thinking about coming to TCU?

4:13 A good thing about TCU is that the people are kind, the classes are interesting, and it has the things you need.
4:23 Really, I think TCU is a place where you can really learn a lot about how to act. You should visit once. It’d be good if you could feel what it’s like.
4:36 Yeah, that’s what I think.
4:38 In the end, the relationship between you and God is the most important thing. I think that when you follow God and pray to God, the path will open up.
4:53 But if you still don’t know what to do, then I recommend you come.

* * *