Selection & Enrollment Process

Selection Process

  1. Preliminary Screening: The applicant will first be evaluated based on the submitted documents. Decisions are made only on completed applications.
  2. Interview: Candidates who successfully pass the preliminary screening will be interviewed (in-person or online, about 30 minutes). Applicants will be evaluated on basic knowledge of the Bible and on whether he or she meets the requirements of TCU’s admission policy. One or more follow-up interviews may be requested. Interview date, time, location, and methods will be set by TCU. While TCU’s Admissions Office prefers in-person interviews, there will be an online option for candidates who find it difficult to travel to Japan and to TCU for the interview(s).
  3. Result Notification: Applicants will receive notification of the final result by email on or before the dates listed on the application guide. The Admissions Office will not answer individual inquiries by phone.
  4. Enrollment Procedure: Successful applicants will be required to complete the enrollment process by the deadline given in the application guide.

[For Transfer Students: Prescreening Consultation]
If you wish to apply as a transfer student, you will need to complete the Prescreening Consultation before sending your application to TCU. Please refer to this page for more information.

Enrollment Process

Those who are accepted must complete the enrollment procedure before the enrollment deadline by paying tuition and fees for the fall trimester and by submitting the required documents listed below.

1. Agreement of Understanding to enroll at TCU.
2. Waiver, Release of Liability, Indemnification, and Consent to Medical Attention.
3. Pledge and Guarantee
4. Affidavit of Support to certify that financial resources to support the student are in place.
5. Application for a room in one of TCU’s dormitories.
6. Health form, to be completed by a licensed medical doctor.
*Admission will be contingent upon a doctor’s certification of the physical and mental health of the applicant.
6. Necessary documents for obtaining a student visa (those without Japanese nationality only).
*TCU assists international students in the processing of documents required by Japanese Immigration.