About EAI

The East Asia Institute at Tokyo Christian University

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The East Asia Institute at Tokyo Christian University is a one-semester program that lets you meet the people in their home

setting, experience for yourself their life, culture, and history, and gain a deep academic knowledge of this region. You

may substitute other courses for one or more of those in the package if you need them to meet requirements in your home

university. You may study the Japanese language at any level, from beginner on up to the most sophisticated.

Tokyo Christian UniversityIn addition to the Japanese majority, our university is home to long-term

students from many other countries in Asia as well as Africa, Europe, and the Americas. On your floor in the dorm, you will

live with many Japanese, but you will also meet students from countries such as Korea, Philippines, Macau, Myanmar, India,

Nepal, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Peru, and the United States.

Tokyo Christian University offers one of the richest cross-cultural experiences available anywhere.

Stacks Image 335The one semester option provides a package of courses carefully tailored to give you a

balanced knowledge of Japan and East Asia, a set of guided experiences to let you touch and taste the history, art, and

modern economic power of the Japanese people, a homestay with a Japanese family, and the friendship of Japanese students

and other international students.

We are an intentionally Christian university. While we provide you with plenty of ways to study and see firsthand the

religions of Asia, we will also offer you the opportunity, if you wish to take it, to study and personally experience what

it means to be a Christian in an East Asian context. You will return home with a richer and deeper awareness of yourself as a world Christian.