Selection Procedure

Selection Process

  1. The applicant submits the required documents including the essays.
  2. The applicant will be first evaluated on the basis of the submitted documents together with the essays. Decisions are made only on completed applications.
  3. Successful candidates of the preliminary screening will be given an interview by telephone or an online conference call (such as Skype).
  4. A face-to-face interview will be arranged between the successful applicant of the telephone interview and a TCU representative. A written exam will be conducted along with the interview. If the candidate is in Japan, he/she will be asked to come to TCU’s campus. For most students outside of Japan, a TCU representative will travel to the candidate’s region. The written exam may be waived if the applicant submits official result of a university entrance qualification examination and/or other standardized test (SAT, ACT, IB, GCE, Baccalaureate, Abitur, etc.)

Criteria by which TCU will Select the Successful Applicants:

  1. The probability that the student will in the future make a significant contribution to the church either as an ordained minister or as a layperson.
  2. Academic ability, including the skills of reading, analyzing, synthesizing, original thinking, and the clear expression of the student’s ideas both in writing and in speaking.
  3. English ability, and the ability to learn additional languages (Japanese).
  4. Ability, flexibility, good humor, and patience to live in a cross-cultural situation for four years.
  5. TCU wishes to create through ACTS- ES an international community with representatives from various cultures and countries in Asia and the world. To some extent, students will be selected in an effort to maintain that diversity.


“Student” visas are required. TCU assists international students in the processing of documents required by Japanese Immigration.