COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Direction for the 2022 Academic School Year

a. Class Format

General operational structure will be an in-person format in classrooms on campus. Some subjects may be offered in a fully online format, or a “hybrid” format with attendance both in person and online when appropriate.

b. Dorm Education

Dorm education is held to be an essential part of TCU education, so TCU aims to continue sufficient infection prevention safety measures, while returning to an all-dorm residency policy. As such, the recently permitted option of not entering the dorms due to the New Coronavirus will no longer be made available. Students who are over 40 years old will continue to have the option to commute rather than entering the dorms.

c. Events / Overseas Programs

The decision about whether to hold a University activity or overseas program, and if so, what form it will take will be decided on an individual basis after consideration for each program and the Coronavirus infection conditions at that time.

* This policy is as of March 9, 2022. There may be changes or revisions at a later date according to the situation.