COVID-19 Prevention Measures

About 2021-2022 Academic Year (April 2021 – March 2022)

2020-2021 academic year was the emergency response period for COVID but we will move on to the “post COVID university life” in April 2021.
*This policy is as of January 15, 2021 and subject to change as the situation changes.

  • Spring trimester: More courses will be offered in classroom-only and hybrid format compared to Winter trimester 2020-2021. Some courses will continue to be offered online.
  • Fall trimester and after: Most courses will be offered in classrooms. Courses suitable for hybrid format will continue to be offered in hybrid format.
  • In principle, dormitory residents will take courses offered in classrooms in-person including hybrid classes.
  • TCU value the dormitory education. With adequate precautions to prevent COVID, more students are expected to return to the dormitories. Considering COVID situation, however, students may choose to live off-campus for the time being starting from April 1, 2021.
  • With the start of the new Theological Department in April 2021, students older than 40 years old may choose to live off-campus. This also applies to those who entered TCU before April 2021 and older than 40 years old. This policy is not due to COVID and will continue.
  • Singles dormitories:
    For Spring trimester, each room will be single occupancy. Church practicum will be online as a general rule. The Student Affairs will select and decide the dormitory residents after checking students’ preferences.
    For Fall trimester and after, TCU hopes that all students who would like to live in the dormitories can do so, but the decision will be made later based on the vaccine and medical situation.
University events and study abroad programs
  • Adjustments will be made according to COVID situation for Spring retreat (originally three-day, two-night off-campus event) and other university events.
  • Study abroad programs will not be held overseas but alternative programs in Japan will be arranged.


Response to the Declaration of State of Emergency (January 8, 2021)

In response to the declaration of state of emergency in Chiba prefecture, TCU will enforce COVID infection prevention measure while continuing to offer learning opportunities for students.

*Please note that this policy is as of January 7, 2021. The policy is subject to change as the situation changes.

  • In principle, TCU will continue to offer courses in the current format. The courses currently offered in classrooms will shift to online when the number of students who wish to continue to take them in person is smaller than the set number.
  • Those who live in dormitories as of January 5 may continue to stay. COVID infection prevention measures will be enforced in dormitories.
Dining Hall and Meals
  • Meals will continue to be provided through the dining hall. (Breakfast: bread etc., Lunch: In dining hall or takeout meal, Dinner: Takeout meal) Prevention measures in the dining hall are enforced.
Other facilities

Students may use the following facilities. Please follow the rules to prevent infection.

  • Library
  • Graduate school student study room
  • Dining hall (Students may use the dining hall for individual study when it is not mealtimes.)
Open Campus and Entrance Examinations
  • Open campus scheduled on January 23 will be held as planned with the enforced infection prevention measures.
  • University entrance examinations scheduled in February and March will be conducted as planned.


Academic Calendar 2020-2021 (Fall & Winter)

Academic Calendar 2020-2021 (Fall & Winter) (PDF)



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