COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Message from President Yamaguchi

We decided to delay the start date of the spring trimester considering the corona virus situation. The new date to return to the dormitory is April 27 and classes will start on May 4.

COVID-19 prevention is a particularly important issue for TCU since students live on-campus in the dormitories. We had originally planned to start the spring trimester according to the regular schedule, but when the situation around the Tokyo area and other parts of the world worsened, during the 3rd of week of March, we decided to delay the start date for the spring trimester.

We are currently preparing for students to return to the dormitories on April 27. However, this might change due to the rapidly changing coronavirus situation. Nevertheless, we plan to start classes on May 4 even if it’s impossible to have students back to the dormitories as planned. This means all classes will be offered online. Your health is our priority and we also want to ensure each student the chance of a quality of education at TCU. I would greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

TCU’s motto is “Christ is all” and we offer theological education based on a Christian worldview. Pandemic is mentioned many times in the Bible, and it happened many times throughout history. Now we are facing it ourselves in the midst of our effort to “Stand in the Gap and extend Christ’s peace in the broken places.” Amid the pandemic, we are challenged to examine how we understand others and how we live together. I hope that each of us will do our best to live according to God’s calling knowing that we are called to study and do theology now.

New Academic Calendar (Spring Trimester)

  • April 27:Return to dormitory
  • April 28:New students move-in to dormitory
  • April 29 & 30:Orientation (Entrance ceremony included.)
  • May 1:Health check-up & Fire drill
  • May 4:Classes start
  • July 10:Last day of class, Summer commencement (with simplified program)

* Please note that the above is the schedule as of April 3. It is subject to change as the situation changes.

Student Life

  • Returning students cannot move into the dorms until April 27th, and new students cannot move in until April 28th. If there is a need for exception, please contact the Student Affairs Office.
  • Please continue to measure your temperature each day and record it on the attached “TCU Temperature-Symptoms-Recording-Sheet”. You must turn in the recording sheet to the office when you move into the dorms.
  • Details concerning the start of the Church Practicum period will be confirmed at a later date. TCU will contact the practicum and sending churches and inform them of the delayed start to both the semester and the church practicum period. If necessary, enrolled students should contact their churches regarding this schedule change.
  • Due to the delayed start of the spring trimester, the Summer Mission Trip program has been cancelled.
  • The morning prayer meetings will be suspended until further notice. Please use the time for personal devotions. The schedule for daily bible readings for TCU’s morning devotions is uploaded on TCU Portal. Further updates concerning activities and student life will follow after the semester starts.
  • All new students will need to adjust the date to register moving into Inzai city in accord with the new move-in date for the dorm. Each new student should go to City Hall, or a branch office to register moving into Inzai City, and get their residence card after moving into the dorm on 4/28.