I interviewed a new international student!
She just came to Japan last week.
Phoebe from Myanmar(^^)/

English trackの新入生にインタビューをしました!

Nice to meet you, Phoebe! Could you introduce yourself?

Nice to meet you, my name is Khin Myatnoe Kyaw, but you can call me Phoebe, my English name. I am a student at TCU majoring in theological studies. I am from Myanmar. Myanmar is a southeast Asian nation that has around about 100 ethic groups.
初めまして、Khin Myatnoe Kyawといいます。英語名でPhoebe(フィビ)と呼んでください。TCUの神学専攻です。ミャンマーから来ました。ミャンマーは東南アジアの国で、100くらいの民族が住んでいます。

Welcome to TCU!
Let me know about you a little bit more. What do you like to do in your free time?

I read books. I also like playing guitar, but I didn’t bring mine from Myanmar. Do you know where to get a guitar here?

I guess someone would help you get it. Let me check the dorms have extra guitars that graduates left.
(To TCU students reading this blog) Is there anyone who can give her information or a new guitar?

Next, can you tell me your favorite food?

My favorite food would be Mohinga, which is a rice noodle and fish soup. It is an essential part of Burmese cuisine, considered by many to be the national dish of Myanmar.

It looks delicious! Do you like Japanese food, too?

Yes, I lobe Katsu-don (*a deep-fried pork cutlet rice bowl) and Tonkotsu Ramen. We have Japanese food restaurants in Myanmar!

That’s nice. So, what was your inspiration of joining TCU?

The inspiration behind joining TCU, is how TCU offers solid instruction and many opportunities for growth. When I finished my application process, as I made more research about the school, I knew in that moment that I will be learning from a group of intelligent, knowledgeable professors interested in giving me the best possible experience. I was fascinated by how TCU could provide me helping aligns my Christian values with each subject.

How did you know about TCU?

My uncle told me about TCU. He is Japanese and knows well about TCU.

(With my family/家族と)

What do you want to challenge yourself with as you do life in Japan?

Deciding to come to Japan and study here was the biggest transitions that I have ever made in my life. I want to challenge myself in learning the culture and Japanese language so I could communicate well with others. Also want to challenge myself in meeting other believers from diverse backgrounds expands my worldview and opening my mind to fresh possibilities when it comes to what God can do in my life.

Your life in TCU has just begun, but have you found something specific you want to do here?

I heard about the Wawawa Club (*Kids Ministry). I love kids and am interested in Kids Ministry, so I want to join the club. But I don’t speak Japanese yet. I need to learn Japanese first.

Even if you don’t speak Japanese yet, you can dance to songs! I hope you will join.

(With my friends in TCU/友だちと)

Did you already have some vision when you decided to come to Japan?

I wanted to go somewhere that is not a Christian country. Buddhism is deeply rooted in Japan, a bit like Myanmar. I wanted to meet Christians living as a minority. I am not sure of my vision for the future and am waiting for God’s plan, but I also want to stay in Japan.

How do you feel about life in TCU or Japan so far?

Even though it’s not even a week that I arrived here in Japan, I was very surprised by how welcoming everyone was. They are kind and gentle, everyone of TCU is helpful, as are the people I meet at the mall. Yeah, I get homesick sometimes, but TCU has already developed a supportive network because of that it really helps me adjust to Japan and feeling secure here. I am loving the food and the culture here. Also, politeness is what I like about Japanese people.

Thank you, Phoebe!
We are happy to welcome you into our community.
May God bless your life in TCU✨

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