Spiritual Life

Since TCU is a Protestant Evangelical university, all faculty, staff, and entering students affirm the Statement of Faith. The school is interdenominational within the Protestant Evangelical heritage, and therefore there is an integration of faith into the curriculum.

On campus, students are required to attend chapel four days a week for half an hour Tuesday through Friday. There are also early morning prayer meetings, Wednesday evening prayer groups, a summer evangelism trip, international missions lectures, and many other practical spiritual opportunities.

In order to graduate, ACTS-ES students must intern at one or multiple churches for the duration of their degree. We also believe that our mandate for all students to live in the dorms help educate students on living as a Christian community.

TCU has a long heritage of preparing Christian leaders: some as laity to work as salt-and-light in the secular world, and some as clergy to work as pastors, missionaries, and para-church staff in Christian organizations. Our graduates work and minister in every continent and in most countries of the world. This is also, with God’s blessing, our future.

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