Doctoral Program (Ph.D.)

Educational Objectives

The doctoral candidates will be engaged in advanced creative theological research with integrated methods in theology. This program aims to train theological researchers and educators who are able to contribute to an increasingly complex church and society concerning theological issues at TCU and other universities and theological institutions inside and outside of Japan, and to train leaders who possess high levels of theological expertise and research abilities who can serve in churches, mission organizations, and Christian NPO/NGOs.

Curriculum Policy

The doctoral program, based on education and research in a master’s program, educates students through advanced mentoring. The program will cultivate abilities in problem solving and logical argumentation through critical and constructive engagement with other researchers.

Diploma Policy

The requirements for receiving the Ph.D. degree are as follows:

  1. Study and research for three years or longer.
  2. Acquire 14 credits or more.
  3. Successfully defend the Ph.D. dissertation.

Through the Ph.D. dissertation, degree candidates must acquire and demonstrate advanced and creative research skills based on integrated and specialized knowledge of theology. Furthermore, they must demonstrate the ability to perform these research skills through collaboration with other researchers.