Spiritual Life

  • A Protestant Evangelical university. All faculty, staff, and entering students affirm the Statement of Faith.
  • Interdenominational within the Protestant Evangelical heritage.
  • Integration of faith and learning throughout the curriculum.
  • Chapel four days a week, for half an hour on Tuesday – Friday.
  • Prayer times, summer evangelism, missions emphasis weeks, and many other practical, spiritual opportunities.
  • Required Christian service one day a week, usually Sunday with a church.
  • Dorm-based education for living as a Christian community.
  • A long heritage of preparing Christian leaders, some as laity to work as salt-and-light in the secular world and some as clergy to work as pastors, missionaries, and para-church staff in Christian organizations. Our graduates work and minister in every continent and in most countries of the world. This is also, with God’s blessing, our future.