Open Campus on July 23 (Sat)

June 28, 2022

Check out this promo video for our Open Campus this July.

If you’re learning Japanese . . . watch it first and see how much you can pick up. (Confession: I had to listen to the phone conversation about 5 times to catch what he said when he answered the phone.)

Don’t look down yet! Go ahead and watch it first.

Finished? Okay, now you can scroll down for a rough translation.







Video Script

At our in-person Open Campus on July 23 (Sat)
we’ll put the focus on TCU’s global appeal.
You can experience studying at TCU.

You’ll be welcomed by our student staff, including international students.
Please come to this special summer Open Campus!

(telephone rings)

Summer break? I’ve got a lot of free time . . .
Really? Let’s go to TCU’s Open Campus!

Like that.

* * *

Now, try watching it one more time and see how much you can catch this time.

Join Open Campus this Summer


The July 23rd Open Campus will be mainly for Japanese-speaking students. But we’d love to have you join us even if you don’t speak much or even any Japanese. There will be someone who can guide you in English.

Here are two ways to sign up.

Japanese speakers (and readers) can simply go to this page – 7/23(土)来場型オープンキャンパス – to get more information and then fill out the form .

If you’re unable to use the Japanese form, just email our Admissions Office ( and let us know you’d like to join.

Would you like to join but you’re unable to? We’d still love to connect. Go to this page now and take a couple of really easy but important steps towards doing college in Japan, at TCU.

* * *