June 15th Open Campus

May 13, 2024

Let's experience a mock class in both Japanese and English!

This time, you will be able to attend mock classes for both the Japanese and English courses at TCU!
We will also have interviews with students enrolled in each major, so please look forward to it!

  • Date and Time Saturday, June 15, 2024 10:00-15:00.
  • Place Tokyo Christian University View access

Mock Class

Japanese Class
 Theme "Biblical Archaeology
 Professor Minoru Kikuchi

English Class
 Theme "Christian Education
 Hiroko Sytsma Lecturer


09:30~ Reception
10:00~ Introduction of the University
     Student Interviews
11:00~ Mock class (Japanese/English)
12:00~ Lunch
13:00~ Campus Tour
14:00~ Career Support, Admissions Guidance
14:30~ Individual Interviews
15:00~ Closing

The schedule is subject to change.
After the tour, a shuttle will take you from the campus to Chiba Newtown Chuo Station.

We are looking forward to seeing you all!

Click here to application

Participant's Privilege
Original goods will be given to you!

Advance Application Privilege
For those under 30 years of age who attend church regularly and participate in all programs on the day of the event

 ・Transportation subsidy (apply by the day before the event)
 ・Free lodging (application up to 5 days in advance) You will receive a special benefit!
 ✓If you wish to receive assistance, please indicate your church name on the application form.

Clothing, belongings, etc.

 ・Clothing: Free to wear.
  *We recommend that you wear shoes that are easy to put on and take off, as you will be asked to take off your shoes several times during the campus tour.

 ・Things to bring (if you have them): Writing utensils, notepad, cell phone (you are free to take pictures on campus)                    
  *Visitors will receive a set of university pamphlets and application materials, an original ballpoint pen, and an original bag to carry the materials.

About companions
 ・Companions (family members, church members, etc.) are welcome to attend.
 ・We will prepare materials for companions.
  *Transportation expenses for companions will not be subsidized.
  *Please make your own accommodation arrangements for companions.

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Contact Us

Tokyo Christian University, Open Campus Staff
Email: nyushika@tci.ac.jp