NEW!English PR student staff

April 30, 2024

English PR student staff started for the first time this year!
International students studying at TCU will introduce TCU from their perspective.

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God bless you!

My name is John M’baaday Bangura. I am an English- track student at the Tokyo Christian University from Sierra Leone, Western Africa. I have been in Japan/TCU for almost two years and my experience has been nothing short of amazing. One amongst my proud accomplishments is that I am finally able to pleasantly eat ‘Natto’ (fermented soybeans) and it ranks at the very top on my list of favorite Japanese foods. 

I constantly rejoice over the Christian community and education that TCU provides. I remain grateful and in anticipation of what God does through my newly designated responsibility as an English-Track Public Relations Staff. 



こんにちは! (Konnichiwa!)

I am Joanne Manoj from India, and I'm a first year student here at Tokyo Christian University (TCU). I have been living in Japan since middle school, and have been able to experience various wonderful aspects of Japan and its culture. And now, being here at TCU has given me even more opportunities to experience Japan from a Christian perspective, surrounded by an incredible and encouraging community of believers.

The thing that I love the most about Japan, would have to be Spring. I have always loved winter and snow, since I was a young girl. But, after coming to Japan, and especially TCU, I was able to witness in person the breathtakingly beautiful sakuras. Sakuras have become my favorite part of Japan, and I always find myself waiting in anticipation for Spring each year.

I am enjoying TCU life immensely, in the dorm, in my classes as well as in various circles. It's been better than I ever expected and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!