2021, Toward A New TCU

November 30, 2020

From the spring of 2021, Tokyo Christian University will integrate the current Department of Theological Studies and the Department of International Christian Social Work in a university reform into a “Comprehensive Department of Theology”.
All students will enroll in the new Department of Theology and study common subjects in the first and second years, and divide into five majors (Church Ministries, Global Studies, Youth Studies, Christian Social Work, Theological Studies) from the third year. .. English speakers go on to either a Global Studies major or a Theological Studies major. The Asian Christian Theological Studies for English Speakers (ACTS-ES), which was previously set up as a special course for English speakers, will be progressively dissolved and both Japanese and English speakers will be able to study together.
The degree is a bachelor’s degree (theology), and you can obtain a degree in English.

TCU’s Education Goals

• We promote a Christian Worldview and Vocation based upon Protestant Evangelical principles.
• We are committed to Transcending Denominational Lines for the sake of Church and Society.
• We aim to educate and train Christians to serve God and people for the advancement of World Missions.
• We work to cultivate people who possess the character, broad cultural literacy, specialized theological knowledge, and ability to think and act volitionally for that purpose.

University Reform Concept

Concept Behind the Departmental & Curricular Reform: Stand in the Gap: Christ’s Peace in Broken Places
We want to educate people to bring Christ’s peace into the gaps and broken places between God and humans, and among people through their union with Christ, who stands in every gap and broken place.