An Appeal for the “TCU Koinonia Emergency Student Support Collection”

May 29, 2020

May 4, 2020

To all TCU Faculty, Staff, Board Members, Trustees and Students
To all Financial Supporters of TCU

An Appeal for the “TCU Koinonia Emergency Student Support Collection”

Yoichi Yamaguchi, President

To prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus COVID-19, Tokyo Christian University decided against allowing students to return to the dorms this spring, and instead moved all classes online, beginning classes on May 4 th . The faculty and staff began working on what seemed like an impossible task, attempting to change all the classes usually taught face-to-face into an online format, and have done so in the last month and a half. While TCU continues to hold the position that community living in the dorms and classes taught directly in the classrooms are extremely important, we must nevertheless do all we can to ensure that students will receive the best possible education during these extraordinary times. In our attempt to support our students, some financial needs have become apparent.

Many students have suffered loss of income due to reduced hours or loss of work at their part-time jobs, and many of their families have suffered income loss as well. TCU has already prepared financial aid for the students (approximately 43,000,000 yen) and is allowing students to pay tuition through installments. We are not collecting dorm and cafeteria fees from the students this semester. Current efforts to support the students also include shipping books from the library to students free of charge, and helping with food expenditures for the 16 international students staying in the dorms because they are unable to return to their home countries.

Because financial needs are far greater, we decided to start the “TCU Koinonia Emergency Student Support Collection” to support students facing financial difficulties and other extra expenses due to the sudden change to online classes. In order that “not even one student will drop out due to a financial crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic,” we humbly request your prayers and cooperation in this effort.

Collection Aims: Financial support for student burdens and University expenditures related to effects of the rapid spread of COVID-19. Specifically:

  1. Financial support for students in need of economic assistance
  2. Expenditures related to holding classes online

※TCU would be most grateful if the donors who planned to donate to the Summer Mission Trip (1,500,000 yen) or the Cross-cultural Internship (1,000,000 yen) would instead consider donating to the “TCU Koinonia Emergency Student Support Collection,” since both of these programs have been suspended this year.

※This collection is part of the “Education for the Evangelists of Tomorrow fund” and is tax deductible in Japan.

Collection Period: May 4 th ~ June 30 th

Collection Goal: 10,000,000 Yen

Donation Methods: Credit card ( ), money transfer through the Japan Postal Service or Bank, or cash donation. Please indicate your preference to designate your donation to “TCU Koinonia Emergency Student Support Collection.”