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Welcome to Tokyo Christian University

We are the premier evangelical university in Japan; the only evangelical institution accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), an accreditation that is recognized around the world. We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology for students in our ACTS program. This program aims to provide a Christ-centered liberal arts education for both men and women in Asia, focusing on educating the heart and the mind for leadership, service, evangelism, and mission. Our program unites students from all over the world to live, learn, and serve with a high purpose: Christ is all and is in all. Tokyo Christian University rests in a park-like setting and green-zone city near Narita International Airport and downtown Tokyo.

Tokyo Christian University Campus

I. Degree Policy

Undergraduate School of Theology

Tokyo Christian University grants the Bachelor of Arts in Theology degree to those who obtain the following abilities, including knowledge and abilities particular to each major, and who complete the credits prescribed in the curriculum.

  1. Those who well understand Christian theology, and who acquire the will and abilities for practicing its mission in both church and society.
  2. Those who are capable of analyzing and integrating various issues critically and constructively from a Christian worldview perspective, a theological perspective, and the perspective of their specific discipline, and are able to present their ideas to others persuasively.
  3. Those who can sense various pains in the world, and who can collaborate with others while understanding their different perspectives.

<Theological Studies Department>

  1. Those who understand the Old and New Testaments and Christian traditions deeply, and who can reflect on their contemporary significance.
  2. Those who acquire the ability to exercise theologically-informed leadership in church and society theological.
  3. Those within the Church Ministry Program who acquire practical abilities based on a wide range of theological knowledge. Those within the Theological Research Program who acquire deep knowledge and insights in the field of theological studies as it aligns with their academic interests.

II.Curriculum Policy

Tokyo Christian University aims to cultivate global citizens equipped with both a wide range of general knowledge and technical knowledge and abilities in order for them to serve in church and society according to the university’s founding principles. Toward that end, Tokyo Christian University offers a liberal arts education based on a Christian worldview, and it offers education based on the following curricular ideals as they relate to the disciplines of Theological Studies and International Christian Welfare (with majors in International Christian Studies and Christian Welfare).

  1. Form academic foundations in Christian worldview and theological studies.
  2. Aim to acquire communication skills for a globalized world.
  3. Establish systematic curricula in each discipline, enable the acquisition of specialized knowledge and methodologies through small classroom education, and cultivate working knowledge in each area.
  4. Contend with contemporary issues related to information technology, the environment, life, gender, etc., and provide guiding principles for ethical foundations in confusing times.
  5. Encourage students to take selected courses in other majors in order to create opportunities for inter-disciplinary learning.
  6. Through discussions in lecture-style classes and seminars, cultivate practical skills for analyzing and integrating various issues critically and constructively, for presenting them to others persuasively, and for reaching solutions.
  7. Provide systematic career education so that students can systematically integrate their studies at TCU with their own life plans.
  8. Offer various courses related to the youth ministry and church music minors.
  9. In addition to the above curricular education, carry out character education through dorm life.

III.Admissions Policy

Tokyo Christian University (TCU) is an inter-denominational Protestant institution that aims to train women and men to serve the church and society in the 21st century. Towards accomplishing this goal, TCU offers a wide-ranging liberal arts education and specialized education in Theological Studies, International Christian Studies, and Christian Welfare Studies, all based on a Christian worldview. Furthermore, TCU fosters holistic character education through dorm education and practical theological education.

An education at TCU will equip students to understand Christian theology, to fulfill their Christian mission in church and society, and to become capable of analyzing and integrating various issues critically and constructively with the ability to present their ideas persuasively to others. In addition, students will develop sensitivity to pain in the world, and they will polish their ability to collaborate with others from a position of understanding diverse others.

TCU seeks applicants who meet the following:

  1. Those who have been baptized or, in the case of those who were baptized as infants, have made a public profession of faith.
  2. Those who have expressed commitment to Christ and wish to serve in church and society in the future.
    *TCU considers the word “commitment” to include anyone who wishes to serve God with their life, whether as a lay person or in full-time ministry.
  3. Those who assent to TCU’s founding principles and statement of faith.
  4. Those who have a basic knowledge of the Bible and English language abilities, and who have basic competencies for independent thought and self-expression.
  5. Those who can communicate effectively with others.

During TCU’s admissions process, we will evaluate applicants’ basic knowledge of the Bible, their possession of basic competencies for independent thought and self-expression, and their ability to communicate effectively with others.

The methods and standards of evaluation for admission to TCU are given separately in the Guidelines for Admissions.

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