“Fall Early” Application Deadline Approaching

November 5, 2022

What’s happening?

Tokyo Christian University’s “Fall Early Admission” application period is entering its final week. The deadline for this application period is Nov 12, 2022.

Log in or start your application here . (If you haven’t started an application yet, click the “Register” link below the login bar to get started).

If you haven’t started, you’ll have to hurry, but there still may be time to submit your application by Nov. 12.

If you can’t make it in time, though, not to worry! You can easily switch over to the next application period inside your online application.

Who should apply during the Fall Early Admissions application period?

Eligible applicants from anywhere in the world who are ready to apply and are not applying for the “Scholarship for Students from Countries Qualifying for the Japanese Government’s Official Development Assistance (ODA).”

See our Application Guide concerning admission eligibility.

What if I’m not yet ready, or if I want to apply for the ODA scholarship?

No problem. You can apply during the “Fall Regular Admission” period instead.

And if you’re not applying for the ODA scholarship or Noah scholarship, you can apply during one of our “Late” periods (see this page and the Application Guide for important details).