国際宣教センター長 倉沢正則


The Faith and Culture Center seeks to promote Christian world mission which is one of the founding principles of TokyoChristian University. The FCC helps the Church facilitate “holistic mission” by the integration of “theory” and “praxis” in  mission in order to present the gospel of the Lord Jesus by “word and deed” in Japan and around the world.



The mission of the FCC is to enable the Church in each culture to move deep into its own cultural context in such a way that non believers will clearly hear and be impacted by the Gospel and transformed by the grace of God.

検討する課題: Strategic objectives

  1. 地域に適切な教会開拓(文化に即した教会)
  2. 草の根指導者育成(教会と指導者訓練)
  3. 適切な組織構造の発展(教会と組織)
  4. 持続的な「包括的働き」(教会と社会経済的発展)
  5. 地域に即した神学研究(教会と文化に即した神学)
  1. Enabling church planting in context. (The Church in culture)
  2. Enabling grassroots leadership development. (The Church and leadership training)
  3. Enabling the development of appropriate grassroots organizational structures. (The Church and organizational structures)
  4. Enabling sustainable grassroots “holistic mission.”(The Church and holistic ministry in society)
  5. Enabling theologizing in context. (The Church and theology in culture)