Part Time Job

*This information is relevant to the ACTS-ES students only. Short-term students (EAI) are not allowed to work in Japan.

The Japanese government allows the holder of a “college student” status of residence to work up to 28 hours per week. Permission to work part-time requires an additional application to the government. The university will assist the student in making this application. Part-time work may be off-campus. Since the primary purpose of the ACTS- ES program is to educate students, the university normally places additional restrictions on the number of hours an ACTS- ES student may work, typically no more than ten hours per week when the university is in session.

Please note that job opportunities are very limited before the student gains reasonable Japanese communication skills. The university does not function as an employment agency, and students must find part-time jobs on their own. That being said, ACTS- ES students who want part-time work have normally found it, especially after acquiring “reasonable Japanese communication skills.” Some of the jobs international students have found include newspaper delivery, dish washing, and teaching English.