A variety of scholarships are available based on merit and need. The general principles for granting scholarships are these. The full rates of tuition, room, and board at TCU cover only half of the total cost of educating a student at TCU. The university makes up the difference from donations and various subsidies. In that sense, even students who pay full-tuition and room-and-board at TCU, whether Japanese or International, automatically receive a huge amount of financial support. The university tries very hard to keep the cost down for everybody, especially since so many of our students come from the families of low-income pastors and missionaries in Japan and elsewhere and/or themselves plan to enter full-time ministry after graduation.

Given the low costs of tuition and room and board (especially compared to North American and other private colleges in developed countries), financial aid for Japanese students, North American students, Western European students, or other students coming from families or situations with comparable resources is limited. If the student’s family does not have sufficient resources to pay the tuition and fees, the university expects students from these areas to take advantage of loans, support from their congregations, and similar resources. Nevertheless, if a student demonstrates financial need and lack of resources, he or she may qualify for some level of financial aid (grants and other scholarships). All students who have serious financial need, therefore, are encouraged to apply for financial aid.

It should be noted that, although married persons are welcome to study at TCU, TCU does not provide any financial assistance for family members. And it is difficult for spouses without adequate Japanese to find jobs to cover their own expenses and that of any children. Therefore, only unmarried students without any obligation to support other people (parents, brothers, sisters, etc.) will find it practical to attend TCU while receiving financial aid.

<TCU Scholarships>
The scholarship application result will be sent to the applicant after the admission application result is notified. Scholarship awards are made on a year-to-year basis. It is necessary, therefore, for students in need of financial aid to submit a financial aid application each year they wish to be considered.

Scholarship for Students of the Asian Christian Theological Studies for English Speakers Program
Amount To be determined based on the applicant’s financial need.
Eligibility Exceptionally able students who demonstrate financial need. Scholarship recipients will be re-evaluated every year based on academic and student life performance, as well as financial need.
How to apply Submit the financial aid application and essay No. 3 at time of application for admission.
Scholarship for Alumni Family Members* (One time only)
Amount 100,000 yen
Eligibility Family members of alumni of Tokyo Christian University or one of its predecessor schools.
How to apply Submit scholarship application form at time of application for admission.
Scholarship for Children of Church Ministers* (One time only)
Amount 100,000 yen
Eligibility Children of church ministers.
How to apply Submit scholarship application form at time of application for admission.

*If you are eligible for both scholarships, you may apply for the Scholarship for Alumni Family Members and the Scholarship for Children of Church Ministers at the same time.

<U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs> (for students from USA)
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs benefits are available to eligible students enrolled in the ACTS-ES program. Note that the Department of Veterans Affairs determines a student’s eligibility for educational benefits. See the VA Web site ( for information on each veteran benefit.